Benefits of using ABS vs hiring staff

When staff is hired there are a number of hidden costs often not accounted for by employers. The cost of training, capital asset acquisitions and software, professional development, annual maintenance of software and office supplies. With ABS Automated Business Services Ltd. hardware and software costs are included in our fees, unless there is a special software required by the client. As a contractor, ABS is registered with WCB, therefore no additional cost is burdened by the client. All statutory holidays and mandatory government calculations on pay are not required, as ABS is a “True” contractor.

Many employers do not realize that a minimum of 15% needs to be added to the base pay to determine the actual cost of an employee. This minimum does not include any additional benefits paid for by the employer such as health benefits, memberships and pensions or RRSP’s. The average additional costs to the base pay for many employers is at least 22%, this includes a benefit plan. Roughly translated if you are paying an employee $50,000 annually your actual out of pocket costs is $61,000 excluding operational costs.

Keeping up with change! Our government rules and regulations are continually changing. At ABS we strive to keep up with the latest changes to BC Employment Standards, Federal and Provincial taxes and allowable business expenditures.